We are on a mission to unlock payment intelligence for merchants and fintechs, worldwide.

Congrify was founded by Payment professionals based on their combined 30+ years of experience in the payment industry.

The Congrify story.

Congrify's team has worked with international merchants, payment service providers and fintechs for more than a decade. Having supported more than 150 companies, the team understands the issues related to payment data and intelligence firsthand:

Seeing all of these issues, Congrify's team was sure:

There must be a better way!
It is with that realization that Congrify was born.

Congrify's team brings in their whole professional experiences to help make merchants and fintechs companies' lifes easier and to help increase their revenue.

Why the name Congrify?

The name Congrify is derived from the Latin word “congruo,” which can be translated to “harmonize” or to “be in unison.”

This is exactly what Congrify does:

We harmonize payment data and intelligence from multiple sources, unlocking hidden insights, streamlining processes and allowing companies to focus on their core business, creating value for their end customers.

Are you passionate about payments?
Then join the Congrify team.