The easiest solution to sync your payment data directly
with your your data warehouse.

Congrify's payment data pipeline is a no-code solution for importing and sync payment data from multiple payment service providers directly with your data warehouse. It allows to centralise all your payment data to easily generate insights, close your accounting books and merge payment data with marketing and sales campaigns. It's already available for Snowflake and AWS Redshift.

Why Congrify's payment data pipeline?


No need of building and mantain costly solutions for data pipelines. We do it for you.


Instead of months of costly software development, go-live within a few days.


Constant updates of your payment data to unlock hidden insights.


We optimize and simplify the structure of the data imports while keeping the original raw data.


Extract, transform and load all your payment data.


Super quick setup.

Congrify's data pipeline connects directly to the payment service provider reporting APIs and SFTP folders. You get all the payment service provider's data, such as transaction events, payout or settlement files, with a no-code setup that takes just few minutes, without any required data engineering.
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Run your own queries.

Once the historical data has loaded, Congrify will provide you regularly new data on daily basis to your Snowflake and AWS Redshift account. You can start querying milions of transaction events from multiple payment service provider's data directly in your data warehouse within a few seconds!

Save time & resources.

Merchants spend multiple months and often more than $500,000 (some payment service providers say up to $800,000) building their own API integrations to export their payment service providers data. Constant monitoring and updates are also needed to support transaction updates, new datasets, schema changes, and other challenges.
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New growth opportunities unlocking your payment insights.