Get a 360° view of
your payment performance.

Congrify is a no-code solution for importing payment data. It offers diverse options based on merchant preferences and payment channel capabilities. Congrify’s intelligence does the rest by standardizing and analyzing data from different providers to give you clear and actionable insights.

Multiple ways to ingest data.

Web hooks

Data are received as an additional web hook endpoint.


Configure to receive automated reports.

CSV uploads

Directly upload CSV files into Congrify.

congrify API

Let congrify directly receive automated reports.


Collect, analyse and standardize your data.


Payment insights.

Calculating payment KPIs is a complex task. That’s why we have built dashboards for analyzing issues such as authorization rates; reasons for declined payments; fraud and chargebacks; PSD2, 3DS2 and SCA exemption impacts; transaction fees; and much more.
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Unified events view.

One place to see all of your transactions and events without logging into several provider portals. We know from experience that some information is not always available in provider portals. Some might come via API responses or specific reports. We bring everything together to make your life easier.

Alerts & recommendations.

The Congrify engine is trained to automatically recognize patterns and quickly spot issues that might affect your payment performance. Additionally, you can set different alerts that will trigger custom notifications.
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What‘s next at Congrify...

And much more planned to be launched.

This is just the start of Congrify’s journey to offer merchants the most advanced payment analytics solution on the market!