Understanding chargebacks and how to prevent them.

By Marco Conte In the dynamic landscape of online transactions, payment disputes and chargebacks have become an unavoidable part of doing business. As e-commerce continues to thrive, so does the need for effective tools and strategies to manage these disputes […]

Payment analytics and reconciliation tools, build or buy?

By Marco Conte Let’s try to picture a scenario where you are running a large e-commerce business or you offer services to accept digital payments, handling thousands to millions of transactions daily. The constant pressure is to ensure that every […]

Flix partners with Congrify to enhance their payments data management.

Congrify’s no-code solution gives Flix full access to previously fragmented payment data. Munich, 3rd July 2023. Congrify, the payments intelligence solution company, has been named the strategic payments data management partner of Flix – the global mobility provider, offering sustainable […]

How merchants can seamlessly sync payment data with their data warehouse.

By Congrify’s team It’s our goal to unlock the power of payment data and intelligence for global merchants and fintech companies. Over the last few months, we have been busy with many things, integrating new payment service providers into our […]

Merchants and open banking? Is this going to happen?

By Marco Conte The open banking revolution. Attend any event within the payments industry, listen to a panel discussion, or just talk to merchants working in the trenches, and the same points of discussion will come up time and again. […]

How PSD2 and 3DS2 are shaping everyone’s payment strategies.

By Marco Conte 14 September 2019.   This day was supposed to be Payments Armageddon for merchants in Europe. I remember the weeks leading up to that day. There was pure panic in the payments industry.   For those who weren’t working […]

The 10 KPIs every payment strategy should track.

By Marco Conte It is crucial for merchants to be able to monitor and understand their payment data. However, as we have already covered, this can be incredibly complicated.   We know from experience. Our founding team has spent more than […]

Managing payment data: How merchants can simplify that work.

By Marco Conte In our previous post, we looked at the jungle of providers, payment methods and data that merchants have to navigate just to accept payments today.  Adding a new provider or new payment method is a difficult task […]

Payment service providers and the difficult choices merchants face.

By Marco Conte The volume of global digital payments is set to triple this decade. That’s according to research from PwC.   For merchants, this growth creates opportunities as well as new business pressures.   The choice of the payment service provider […]